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Study In İstanbul with Native Teachers

Istanbul is not just a booming cultural capital. It is also a great place to study English. With our team of experienced and qualified native English teachers, all from the US or the UK, One World has been helping individuals and businesses with all their English needs. These include anything from general English to business English and test preparation (including SAT, IELTS and TOEFL). Come and study the world's common language on the doorstep of Europe.

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TEFL Training

Tefl training course in İstanbul with professionally certified TEFL trainers. Get your certification in just 2 weeks, 20 hours of in-class training and education, up to 10 hours of real teaching experience gained. 

Get a free survival Turkish crash course, help arranging accommodation, and learn at our centrally located office in Taksim, the heart of İstanbul. 

Get an intensive TEFL course that provides hands-on teaching experience, which is vital to success in the classroom, and a tried and tested teaching methodology.  

TEFL Training Course

Ever thought about teaching English abroad? For many people, becoming a certified English teacher is the beginning of a fulfilling international career that brings you into direct contact with new people and cultures, and offers a unique professional experience. People of all ages and backgrounds have long used the growing global need for English tuition as a way to sustain themselves abroad, whether their aim is a career in English teaching, or even if they’re just looking for a way to sustain themselves while travelling.

For anyone seeking a job as an English teacher, a teaching certificate is invaluable when applying for work. Although there are schools that accept uncertified teachers, these usually pay criminally low rates. Most language schools all over the world, and especially those with decent reputations and rates, require some sort of certificate and often also past experience. The most common certificates do not include teaching experience and also require students to take month-long courses, for which they have to pay a lot of money, as well as maintain themselves abroad for the duration of their course.

We offer an alternative: an intensive, affordable and comprehensive course that will teach you everything you need to know to get straight into an English teaching career, without taking a month of your time.

The course will fit into an intensive two-week program at our training centre in the heart of Istanbul. In this time, you will learn everything from basic grammatical rules and how to explain them, to classroom management and test preparation, as well as getting some real, hands-on teaching experience. We will help you arrange your accommodation while you’re here, and will be happy to give you advice about teaching jobs in Istanbul or beyond. Istanbul is a great place to spend a couple of weeks and an even better place to take on your first English teaching contract. We will be at hand to help you every step of the way.

Course Duration and Cost:

Duration: 2 weeks

20 hours of in-class instruction, 10 hours of observation/teaching.

Course fee: $600, Deposit: $150

Courses start once every two weeks, on the first weekday of each month and the beginning of the 3rd week of each month. Training times are generally in the morning, but evening courses are also available.  

In your first week, get 2 hours of free in-class survival Turkish from our experienced Turkish language instructors. This will help you to understand the student mentality from the language learner side, and also will heighten your overall Istanbul experience.

Course Details:

The course consists of:

A)     Classroom Management

B)      Instruction Giving

C)      Teaching Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

D)     Learning Your Materials (books, online)

E)      Presenting New Vocabulary

F)      Useful Games and Activities

G)     Grammar Study and Teaching Grammar

H)     Lesson Planning

İ)        Observing Professional ESL Teachers

J)       In-class Teaching Experience

K)      Survival Turkish

Program Details

The program runs only on weekdays. Training and lectures take place at our Taksim office two hours per day, five days a week on weekdays. This makes 10 hours a week for two weeks for a total of 20 hours of tutelage with a certified TEFL Trainer.

Starting the first week, trainees will begin observing real lessons taught by our full-time staff. In the second week, practical experience is the focus. In total, trainees will do up to six hours of observation with a professionally certified, experienced ESL teacher and up to six hours of in-class teaching with one-to-one and group lessons with students of all ages and levels. More in-class experience teaching can be obtained upon request.

Trainees will also be expected to undertake some homework and self-study, as directed by our instructors. This will mainly focus on familiarization with grammatical forms and rules.

Before passing the course, trainees are also required to sit and pass a written examination (focused primarily on the understanding of grammar), be tested by an observer in a live classroom setting (to gauge classroom management abilities), and also to put together a 15-minute presentation on a subject related to ESL teaching (subjects may include grammar points, vocabulary lessons, or something more topical). If a student fails one of the tests, they will be scheduled for a re-test as soon as possible. Trainees who pass one of the tests but not the others will only have to retake the tests they failed.

TEFL Certificate provided at the end of the course.

Extra: TOEFL and IELTS Test Prep Certification

TOEFL and IELTS Certification Course: $150

Six hours of in-class IELTS and TOEFL Training with a professionally certified, experienced IELTS and TOEFL Trainer.

Up to 6 hours of in-class observation of TOEFL and/or IELTS lessons.

TOEFL and IELTS Certificates provided after the training (2 separate certificates).



Homestays can be provided for $400 for 2 weeks. Each additional week thereafter is an extra $200. With the homestay, you will stay with a Turkish family that has been approved by our TEFL Training team. There will be English speakers in the family, but this is also a good opportunity to pick up or practice Turkish. In order to book a homestay, a $100 deposit is required.

Company Accommodation

Stays in our school’s company accommodation are available for $400 per 2 weeks for a single room, or $300 for a shared room (2 people to a room, separate beds). The house is a 200-year-old Greek house located near Taksim Square, which is just 5 minutes from our office. The house is a 3-storey complex with two balconies, a large garden area, high speed Internet, and fully furnished rooms and kitchen. There is a weekly cleaning fee of 20 Turkish lira ($11). In order to book accommodation, a $100 deposit is required.

Course Highlights:

Study for your TEFL certification in small groups of 4-10 students with one of our professionally certified TEFL Teacher Trainers.

Get certification that you can use throughout the world.

Observe professional teachers in live lessons.

Get help with lesson plans and then put those plans to practice in real-time classroom situations.   

Counseling and advice for jobs after the completion of your TEFL certification.

Extras: Get a crash course and certification in English test prep for the TOEFL and IELTS, which are the two most prominent and popular language tests in the ESL world, and which looks impressive on your CV and can score you a higher-paying job.

TEFL Training Center in Istanbul

Our training center is located in Taksim Square, which is the European heart of Istanbul. We have a large, spacious building complete with wireless Internet and classrooms that have air conditioning. Materials for TEFL study and other resources are available for trainees.

Course Details:

Classroom Management

In this module, you will study experiential techniques for managing classes of different sizes. This includes understanding student psychology, spacial awareness in terms of seating, and the organization of activities so as to meet student expectations and needs. Strategies for dealing with disruptive students or mixed-ability classes will also be explored.

Instruction Giving

It can be challenging giving instructions to ESL learners, especially beginners. We will teach you some tried and tested methods for getting your point across.

Teaching Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

Teaching Writing and Speaking is pretty straightforward after learning some tried and tested techniques, but teaching Reading and Listening can be tricky, especially when a teacher lacks the necessary technological tools. We will teach you the methodology of how to do it and where to look for materials.

Learning Your Materials

Having a wide variety of interesting and useful materials is essential for preparing good lessons. There are a number of extremely useful internet websites and books that teachers can look to in order to put together their lessons. We will show you some of our favorites.

Presenting New Vocabulary

Teaching students new vocabulary can be tricky, especially with beginners. We will study some ways to present words and ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Useful Games and Activities  

Having useful and fun games and activities at the ready is essential in an ESL classroom. We will check out some active and inventive ways to learn and practice English.

Grammar Study and Teaching Grammar

ESL teachers must know grammar. We will teach you all of the terms and logic you need to know. A grammar test will be administered and graded. Moreover, the challenges of teaching grammar to ESL students will be explored, especially challenges pertaining to the use of tenses that may not exist in other languages or language groups.  

Grammar Lessons Include:

Grammar Tenses

Time Expressions


Parts of Speech (adjectives, adverbs, nouns, etc)


Complex and Simple Sentences

Lesson Planning Module (one-to-one conversations with trainer at least twice a week)

Planning for lessons is key to success, but lesson planning changes depending on the student, level, size of your class, and also on special student needs (specific grammar problems, Business English, games and activities, vocabulary, etc). You will learn how to make lesson plans, be given scenarios for which you must make a custom plan, and then put it to practice in a real-time class setting. Lesson plans will be graded.

Observation of Lessons Taught by Experienced Teacher

In this part of the program, you will observe up to 10 hours of lessons taught by one of our professionally certified, experienced language teachers. Lessons typically take place in our language center in Taksim, but may take place at one of our other branches, or in a student’s workplace.

Grammar Study

ESL teachers must know grammar. To this end, grammar quizzes will be given on a bi-weekly basis, and two tests, one mid-term and one final, will be administered and graded.

Grammar Lessons Include:

Grammar Tenses

Time Expressions


Parts of Speech (adjectives, adverbs, nouns, etc)


Complex and Simple Sentences

Observation of Professional ESL Teachers

Trainees will observe actual lessons, both one-to-one and group lessons, administered by our full-time teaching staff. A minimum of six hours of observation must be done, but trainees may do more than six hours of observation if they wish. 

In-Class Teaching Experience with Groups and One-to-one Students

The practical teaching experience aspect is what we consider the most critical portion of the program. A certificate looks good, but a teacher who has practical experience and feels comfortable in the classroom is indispensable. In this part of the program, you will observe several lessons in the first week. In the second weeks, you will teach real lessons, both one-hour and two-hour lessons, in one-to-one lessons and in classes (sometimes small group, sometimes large). Some but not all lesson hours will be observed by our TEFL instructors, and feedback will be provided.

Survival Turkish

In the first week, students will take 2 hours of free Turkish lessons with our Turkish language teachers, the purpose of which is to both help trainees to better understand the challenges of language learners, as well as to heighten the overall Istanbul experience.

The course fee includes:

All materials

Help finding housing

2 hours of Turkish crash course

TEFL Certificate

As an extra: TOEFL and IELTS Teaching Certificate

The course fee does not include:




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